Eclectic Art Co.

Authentic & Original works • on tees, merch. & other things.
All created by 100% H.I. (Human Intelligence).
A Celebration of Surfing, Motoring, Ethno-vibes, Lifestyle, Adventures and more...

Art • Design • Photo

A fusion of creativity and aesthetics delivering unique digital mixed media art that result in authentic original works.
We connect art, culture, emotions, people and merch.

Merch by

Tropic Snowman

Creative works, mostly focused on surfing and motoring  with a retro stylized perspective.

Merch by

iEla Snow

Photography and craft art with an ethno-vibe of cultures, travels and adventures.

Merch by

Candombe Republic

Graphic art and design that celebrates Uruguay's Afro-Culture of Candombe and more.

Eclectic Art Co.

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Tees, bags, hats, prints and more

Tropic Snowman Motoring

Tropic Snowman Surfing

iEla Snow Photo & Art

Candombe Republic

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